Outreachy post 2

The third week of the Outreachy is continuing successfully, everyone seems to be in the Outreachy vibe of working and learning a lot. The last weeks have been quite intense and interesting for me as well. While I spent the first few days gaining access to most of the repos and accounts that I will need to complete my internship or doing research and studying the next phases for the continuity of the project, my second and third week have been more “hands on” since I had set up everything and was ready to complete further tasks.

As you may know from my last blog post, I am working with DebConf sponsorships and fundraising, so, these two weeks I have been mostly working on the fundraising of the next DebConf, which will be held in Haifa, Israel. Preparations for the event have already started, and I have participated in all the organizing team calls so far, trying to learn more about organizing DebConfs, and also give possible updates about my work, which I am really happy to say has been received positively by the community. I have received very nice feedback from team members and sponsors.

These weeks I have been reaching out to nearly 100 possible sponsors around the globe, sending them the sponsorship email based on a template that I had been working on during the application phase of Outreachy. Every change or update about everything related to the conference is documented in a Debian repo, which has made me improve my skills on using git commands and learn many more commands that make my work easier. I have worked and continue working on fundraising material that will be used for continuing sponsorship negotiations and I am using LaTeX to edit the documents. So far some sponsors have already committed and others have expressed interest in supporting DebConf20 and ask questions which I need to find answers for. This way I learn even more about fundraising and organizing conferences.

The work continues, and I am enjoying it a lot!

Tags: outreachy, debian